Postgraduate University Rankings

Just as in the United Kingdom, there is a wide range of universities in almost every country around the world. Some of which are renowned for world class research while the majority specialise in providing a more vocational education.

Global University Rankings

Trying to work out which is the best university for a particular postgrad course can be difficult. Such global rankings of international universities as currently exist tend to focus almost entirely on research reputation and as such are not helpful when trying to establish whether a particular university is a good place to learn, particularly at postgraduate level. However, if you wish to consult international rankings the best two to consider are:

Subject Specific Rankings

It is often more useful, particularly at PhD level, to look for university faculties that are particularly strong in your chosen field. Theoretically, a good general ranking could disguise a poorly performing department and vice versa. There are several such masters program rankings available.

National University Rankings

Most countries operate some form of university ranking but often these are not based on academic performance or reputation. Mostly they will cover student experience, employment outcomes and other such measures of university performance.

In many countries these rankings are not available in English and they will rarely, if ever, specifically address the experience of international students on English-taught postgrad courses. However, they will give a general idea of the overall attractiveness of a university to its domestic audience.

An example of national university rankings:

If you are interested in choosing a university in the USA there is a wide range of information and ranking data available. Some of the most renowned guides for choosing a college or university are: