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University of GroningenFounded in 1614, the University of Groningen enjoys an international reputation as one of the oldest and leading research universities in Europe. We offer degree programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels in virtually every field, many of them completely taught in English. Located in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen is an ideal, safe student city with a flourishing student life.

While we are passionate about the quality of education, as the essential role of a university, the quality of research sets our university apart from others. As a research university our real value lies not only in the proliferation of existing knowledge, but also in the freedom and support that researchers and students are given to develop new knowledge.

The University of Groningen is a broadly based university. It offers a wide variety of modules and degree programmes in the Bachelor’s phase, with the University’s research interwoven with the teaching and focused on real issues concerning society. The Master’s degree programmes and Graduate School PhD programmes lend depth to the education provided at Groningen. With regard to research, the University prefers specialization in primary research fields. Crucially important are the individual strengths of researchers, the existing portfolio of the University, innovation in science and a focus on the needs of society.

At the University of Groningen there is room for all those who desire to achieve their utmost. Our ambition is to join the highest echelons in the world of education, and serving society is our essential focus. The University’s solid grounding in an awareness of issues concerning society is demonstrated in various ways: the innovative nature of the research, the high levels of achievement in sport and cultural activities, in the level of engagement in public debate, and through stimulating entrepreneurship in the city of Groningen and its environs. The University of Groningen is proud to be a public institution that offers opportunities to all and is fully accountable to the society it supports.

The University trains the future leaders of society and this great responsibility carries attendant obligations. At the very heart of the University is the provision of a high standard of inspirational and challenging education, focused on achieving excellence in both academic and professional practice. To achieve such standards, those engaged in teaching must excel, as must their students. Academic excellence and relevance to society are key issues at all levels of teaching and research.

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