English Literature

Does it make sense to study English abroad?

At first glance it would seem illogical to study English abroad. Clearly it is possible to do so in English-speaking countries but even here it is worth bearing in mind that the curriculum might be completely different- for example, will a Canadian university have the same areas of expertise as a British one?

It is now possible to study English literature, language and culture at some European universities. However, in many cases it is necessary to speak the local language even though the course is taught in English. For example, at German universities you will definitely need some knowledge of the local language and in some cases you will also need to have studied Latin. In these European universities it is possible that many of the teaching staff will be native English speakers, often they are ex-UK university lecturers.

Examples of postgraduate opportunities in English Literature

The University of Groningen offers a Masters degree in English Literature and Culture. This is the oldest university department in the Netherlands and the course offers an attractive and challenging programme that allows students optimal choice from a range of courses (which changes every year) drawing on the full historical and geographical sweep of literatures in English. It is the top-ranked English Literature Programme in the Netherlands. The university also offers an MA in Writing, Editing and Mediating.

There are some Masters degrees offered in Spain that might be suitable for British students. An example would be Universidad de Granada's MA in English Literature and Linguistics.

What grades do I need to get in?

Usually you would need an equivalent qualification to that necessary in the United Kingdom. The best universities in Europe will expect you to have at least a 2.1 in a related Bachelor's degree.

Will my degree be recognised?

This is not really an issue with English Literature degrees. If you choose a good quality university then there should not be any problems relating to recognition.

What else should I bear in mind?

As mentioned above it is particularly important to check that the curriculum of the degree is suitable for you. It could be very different to the curriculum at a UK university.

Some degrees are designed primarily for the development of secondary school teachers in international school systems. These might not be ideal for British students who do not have this as a career focus.