Living costs for postgraduate students in Sweden

Living expenses as a masters student in Sweden

UK/EU citizens do not require a visa to live, study or work in Sweden.

Cost of Living

Living costs in Sweden depend largely on your individual lifestyle. A sample monthly budget is as follows:

Food SEK 1,900
Accommodation SEK 4,000
Local travel (bus only) SEK 380
Telephone/internet SEK 300
Copy machine credits SEK 141
Insurance, medical care and hygiene SEK 500
Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous SEK 1,000
Extra warm clothes SEK 580
Total SEK 8,500 (GBP 700)



Student accommodation in Sweden is not managed by universities. However, most universities have information about local student housing companies and organisations and give students advice on how to sign up with them. You might find some private options on housing websites run by student unions.

Monthly rent ranges between SEK 2,500 and SEK 6,500 (£190 - £501).

On arrival

Once you arrive register at your local Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and they will issue a 10-digit personal identity number (personnummer) if your course is longer than a year, or a coordination number (samordningsnummer) for a 1-year stay.

Opening a Bank Account

Master’s students who stay in Sweden for only one or two years are not entitled to a personal identity number. This might cause some problems when trying to open a bank account. However, many universities have arrangements with local bank branches, so you should check with the international office of your university to get advice on this.

Alternatively, Swedish bank SEB has special offer allowing international students to open a bank account without a Swedish personal identity number. You only need to present a certificate from your university and your passport at a SEB local branch office.

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