Living in Spain

As Spain is part of the EU, no visa is necessary for UK and EU passport-holders. However, all EU citizens residing in Spain for a period exceeding three months must apply for registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners. This registration leads to a “Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union” with a NIE number (Foreign Identity Number). You will need this number for:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Paying taxes
  • Being paid for employment
  • Applying for a business permit and starting a business
  • Registering with social services and arranging receipt of social security benefits
  • Applying for a driver's licence

Cost of Living

This is an example of a student’s monthly budge in Spain:

Accommodation €360 - €500
Food €250
Electricity, Gas, Water, Internet Bills: €150
Transport: €40
Social/Other Activities: €50
Total €850 - €990 (£610 - £710)

(Calculated based on figures from the Numbeo crowdsourced database)

Accommodation offers single or double rooms in shared apartments exclusively for students in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada and Seville.

DFLAT Housing & Accommodation Services for students in Madrid.

Opening a Bank Account in Spain

You will be able to open a bank account once you have got a NIE number.