Living in Italy

Cost of Living

Below is a list of possible future monthly expenses you may have if you were to study in a city such as Milan:

(Costs vary depending on the area, the kind of room and any programme benefits you may have access to)
€350 - €650
Food €150 - €200
Study costs €40
Social life €40
Travel costs €20
Mobile phones €20 - €30
Total €1,020 (£737)



Very few Italian universities own and operate their own halls of residence. You can usually rely on the housing office at the university to identify suitable private options for you.

Private universities are more likely to have accommodation. Universita Bocconi for example has six residences in Milan.

Opening a Bank Account

You will need an Italian tax code (codice fiscale) to open a bank account. You can request one from the Revenues Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). It is therefore not possible to open an account with an Italian bank before you have completed the other registration formalities at your university.