Living in Ireland

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ireland varies significantly depending on where you are studying. The Irish Council for International Students estimates that you need between €10,000 and €15,000 (£7,200 – £10,900)to cover living expenses in Dublin for each year of study. Rents and many prices are cheaper in areas outside of Dublin so lower overall costs can be expected. Accommodation costs range from €300 per monthfor a shared room to €700 per monthfor a flat in Dublin. For food and utilities, you are likely to spend around €280 - €400per month.

Irish universities also publish their own Cost of Living Guides, which help you calculate more precisely how much it costs in total to complete your Master’s degree.

This is a sample monthly budget for students from Dublin Institute of Technology:

Rent €307
Utilities €33
Food €172
Travel €119
Books & Class materials €74
Clothes/Medical €45
Mobile €32
Social life/Misc €132
Total €914 (£660)

Working while studying

EU students are free to take up employment while studying in Ireland. Once you have a job offer, you should register with the Irish Tax Office and obtain a PPS number. You cannot obtain a PPS number before receiving a job offer.

Health Insurance

Under EU / EEA regulations students from other member states who are attending a course of study are entitled to medical services in Ireland. However, you need to provide the Irish health authorities with documentation from your home country to validate your entitlement to these services. If not, hospital services might cost you as much as €550 per day. As students, you will normally have to pay for all optical and dental services.

We advise you to contact the Health Authority in your home country, well in advance of travelling to Ireland, to fulfil any registration requirements and obtain necessary forms.