Living in Finland

UK/EU citizens do not require a visa to live, study or work in Finland.

Cost of Living

Even though studying in Finland is free you will still have to plan for anticipated cost of living.

In Finland, the general cost of living is relatively high. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Finland are approximately €800-900 (£580-650). This may vary a bit, depending on your study location in Finland – for example, accommodation and other living costs may be higher in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other larger cities.

As a student you can get discounts in student restaurants and cafeterias, public transport and national rail travel. Student housing with shared facilities is usually a low-cost accommodation option. For detailed information on the local student accommodation options available in different study locations in Finland, the related costs etc. you are best advised to contact your university in Finland. It is also advisable to try to arrange your accommodation as soon as you have an offer letter from your university as demand in the most popular student cities can be very high.

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In the following table you will find an estimate of the monthly living costs for students.







Mobile phones


Social life



€800-900 (£580-650)

On Arrival

British and other EU nationals do not need a residence permit to stay in Finland, but they must register their residence after staying three months in Finland. The local police handle the registration, except for Nordic citizens, who register at a Register Office and present the Inter-Nordic Migration Form.

Opening a Bank Account

The student affairs office, your tutors, or your fellow students in Finland can assist you in this. To open an account, you need to visit the bank branch in person. Please remember to take all the necessary documents with you - including your passport for identification purposes. Please check beforehand with the bank which documents and certificates you will need - the requirements may vary slightly from one bank group to another.

The account types offered for daily banking do not usually differ from each other significantly, either in terms of their features or their service charges. When it comes to choosing your Finnish bank it may be the easiest solution to just pick one that has a branch office within a convenient distance from your student flat or your university, so that if you need to visit the bank in person it is always near.

Working in Finland

If you have an EU passport you can work while you are a student.

There are no restrictions on the amount of hours you can work. Your chances of finding a job will improve if you can speak Finnish or Swedish in addition to English. It is not advisable to count on finding a part-time job to fit in alongside your studies but it is possible for you to do so if the opportunity should arise.