Living in Austria

UK/EU citizens do not require a visa to live, study or work in Austria.

Cost of Living

In the following table you will find an estimate of the monthly living costs for students. The figures only serve as a guideline. Accommodation costs are based on a place in a student hall of residence.

Accommodation (including heating and electricity) €320
Food (excluding luxuries and tobacco) €240
Study and personal requirements, books, culture, recreation €290
Total €850 (£620)

These are the figures provided by the Austrian government and they show that Austria can be a relatively expensive destination.

On Arrival

In Austria it is compulsory to register with the municipal authorities (Meldeamt: Gemeindeamt, Magistratisches Bezirksamt) within three working days of entering the country.

For this you need a registration form (Meldezettel) available from the registration offices or from the Internet, which must be completed by you and signed by your landlord/landlady (if you are staying in a hostel when you first arrive this will be taken care of on your behalf). A change of address also has to be reported to the registration office within 3 working days. Please do not forget to inform the registration office when you leave Austria.

Attention: Nationals of EU/EEA countries and Swiss nationals have to additionally apply for a confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) if they stay in Austria for more than 3 months.


The Austrian government has a limited number of rooms available in most university towns and cities. You can see if there is anything suitable for you here. It is unclear whether these rooms are available to international students who choose to study independently in Austria or only those who are participating in exchanges or other institutional relationships.

Most international students will find accommodation in the private rental sector.

Health Insurance

Students from EU/EEA countries, who are in possession of valid health insurance in their home country, need the European Health Insurance Card.

Study Guide for International Students as PDF file can be downloaded from here