General Information

Welcome to our website outlining the postgraduate study options available for British students. We won't pretend that we can provide information on every single option taught in English in Europe. There are probably tens of thousands of suitable Master’s programmes by now. The aim of this site is rather to point you only to those examples where we know the funding reality. For this reason, if you were to pursue almost any of the courses listed on this site, you should be eligible for local or EU funding if you are a British or other EU student. The only exceptions are courses where we know what you might be able to expect by way of an institutional scholarship.

Money is not the only consideration when thinking about following Master’s level education abroad. There are many other factors to bear in mind. The more specialized and advanced you go in your education, the more likely it is that the best option for you is somewhere beyond these shores. Clearly, it is neither possible nor desirable to be able to tell you exactly what is right for you. We provide general information on what you might expect if you were to go to university in another country. Hopefully, we have addressed all of the key areas that are of importance but please also bear in mind, this is a big step to take. It is our firm hope that we can help you take the first steps on this exciting journey!