Fine Arts

Why should I study Fine Arts at postgraduate level?

Postgraduate study in fine art gives students the opportunity to experiment across a broad variety of disciplines and materials, develop their own creative vision and style and help identify the ambitions of their art.

Does it make sense to study fine arts abroad?

Mixing with a diverse cross-section of cultures and nationalities, both in the university/institution and the city you choose to study in can provide an inspiring environment in which to develop as an artist, particularly if the city you choose has a strong community of artists and creative, and so it makes sense to consider study outside of the UK and research what other European cities can offer in this context.

It is worth mentioning that many fine art courses are offered in English and the local language. Even when a course is notionally taught in another language, the personal nature of tuition often means it is possible to follow the course entirely in English.

Examples of postgraduate opportunities in fine arts

The Netherlands

Dutch art schools have a generally excellent reputation. Some of the courses offered in English include:

MA in Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy

MA in Education in Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy

MFA in Painting, Academie Minerva

MFA in Scenography, Academie Minerva, Groningen


MA in Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg

MFA in Visual Arts, Lund University

Will my Master’s degree be recognised?

A postgraduate qualification in Fine Arts obtained within the European Union and at good universities outside the EU will be recognised. However it is important to check the programmes offered by different universities and the teaching style (if a taught Master’s) to find the most suitable course to suit your specialist interests.

What grades do I need to get in?

A bachelor degree in fine arts and a portfolio showing specific practical and creative techniques, such as painting, drawing, print and sculpting, and showing an aptitude for the master’s specialism you have chosen to focus on.