Postgraduate fees and funding in Sweden

How can British students afford to study a Masters programme in Sweden? Student finance is not automatically available for British students, but you can apply for postgrad funding.

masters scholarships in sweden

Postgraduate tuition fees in Sweden

EU students don't need to pay postgraduate tuition fees in Sweden. Even private universities like Jonkoping University do not charge tuition fees.

Tuition fees for Master's programmes at other private universities vary widely accross different programmes and institutions - you'll be able to see how much they are when you search for postgrad courses in Sweden.

Postgraduate loans, grants and scholarships in Sweden

The majority of postgrad scholarships in Sweden, including Swedish Institute’s Scholarships are aimed at non-European students because they are required to pay tuition fees for postgrad study.

British students could be eligible for postgrad scholarships that help cover the costs of living in Sweden. This type of financial assistance comes from universities. When you check a Swedish university profile on our website, you'll be able to see all postgrad funding options available for British students at that institution.

For example, every year Lund University provides funding for two Masters students of the Industrial Design programme. The scholarship is SEK 80,000 (GBP 5,750), which help you cover the cost of living and accommodation for 10 months, from August – May, during the two years of study.