Italy - Financial Information

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at public universities consist of two components. The basic fee in 2015 is €690 (£500) and this must be paid by all students at the moment of enrollment. The actual fee payable may rise to a maximum of €3,900 (£2,800) but how much a student has to pay will be determined by an assessment of the student’s income and assets.

All EU students are entitled to have their financial circumstances taken into consideration if they submit a declaration before the deadline. This declaration is known as the ISEE (Indicator of the economic situation). After assessment students will be told what they actually have to pay. If you do not submit the required documentation you will be charged the maximum amount.

The ISEE is calculated on the basis of family status, earnings, property and expenses and you will need to provide information and documents about your family’s annual income and assets.

You will need a statement of how many family members are living in the same house, each member’s annual income and property ownership (converted in euros). If you live independently from your family (your residency must be separate) and you earn your own income, you should declare an ISEE solely on the basis of your own income and property holdings.

All the documents must be translated into Italian by a recognised translator and legalised by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the UK. As an alternative you can have them translated by the UK’s Embassy or Consulate in Italy and legalised by the Italian ‘Prefettura’ ie local government office.

Once you have these documents you can apply for the Codice fiscale (fiscal or tax code) either at the Italian Embassy in the UK or, once you are in Italy, at the Agenzia della Entrate.

When you arrive in Italy you can then arrange an appointment to submit your documents at one of the following places that issue the ISEE certification:

  • any CAF/CAAF (Authorised Fiscal Assistance Centre)
  • the Municipality (Comune) of residence
  • the INPS (Italian welfare Institute)

Tuition fees at private universities can vary dramatically but may be as high as ˆ15,000 per year. These fees are also subject to means-testing and can be reduced according to your financial circumstances.

Loans, Grants & Scholarships

UK students are eligible for the same student finance support as Italian students based on their financial situation but this usually only applies to the means-testing outlined above. There is no readily available student loan that British students could access. If you contact the DSU Office (Diritto allo studio universitario) at your university you might find there are some limited benefits available in the form of housing assistance, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers.

Many universities have their own scholarship programmes for international students and it is quite likely that this would be your best source of financial support. Some examples are listed here: