Belgium - Financial Information

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are determined by the Flemish or Walloonian government so they can be different in French and Flemish speaking Belgium. In reality they are very cost-effective in comparison with British university Master’s degrees fees.

Annual tuition fees are updated each year and if your Master’s degree lasts more than one year, you might find that fees increase slightly for the second and any subsequent year of your studies.

Tuition fees for most Master’s degrees in Flanders in 2014-2015 are €619.90 (£450) but there are exceptions. For example, a LLM from KU Leuven currently costs €5,600 (£4,065) but this is about the most expensive example we can find at a public university in Flanders.

Some advanced masters, for example at the Universiteit Gent, charge higher tuition fees for advanced masters programmes between €4,500 (£3,270) – €7,500 (£5,450)

Tuition fees for Master’s degrees in Wallonia were €835 (£606) in 2014-2015 at universities and €455 (£330) at University Colleges or Art Academies.

To find out about the exact amounts of the tuition fees that you have to pay, we advise you to check with the admissions department of the university, university college or art academy of your choice.

Loans, Grants & Scholarships

Financial support varies between Wallonia and Flanders.

Flemish Scholarships

British students can apply for a Flemish scholarship or grant if any of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • One of your parents has worked in Belgium for at least twelve months in the past two years
  • You have worked in Belgium for a total of at least twelve months, within any given period of two consecutive years in the past
  • You have been living in Belgium with your family for the past five consecutive years.

If you are eligible for Flemish support you can find further information here: and:

Several Flemish universities offer a small number of study grants and it may be able to obtain support from international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, FAO, NATO, EOSR, and the EU.

Individual institutions might have their own scholarships which you can find out about when you contact them for further details. We are aware of some examples at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels Institute of European Affairs, for example: IES scholarship

Wallonian Scholarships

International organisations (UNESCO, United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCHR), the ILO …) award funding, mostly for doctoral studies at Wallonian universities in precise fields or research travel grants.

To find out more, consult their websites.

List of the United Nations bodies: