Cross-Cultural Economic Psychology (double degree)

Course Information
  • Subject: Psychology, Economics
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 2,213.00 2014/15

Course description

The two-year International Master’s in Cross-Cultural Economic Psychology is an international Double Degree programme offered jointly by University of Osnabrück (Germany) and Tilburg University. After successful completion of the programme you will graduate with two degrees: 

  • MSc in Psychology: emphasis Cross-Cultural Psychology, awarded by University of Osnabrück
  • MSc in Social Psychology, awarded by Tilburg University

Year 1: Semester 1 at Tilburg University

30 ECTS of the MSc in Social Psychology, with a selection of 1 out of 2 tracks, more specifically: 

  1. Track Economic Psychology
  2. Track Work and Organisational Psychology

During this first semester you will follow the courses of unit 1 and 2. The course lists may be subject to change.

Year 1: Semester 2 and Year 2: Semester 3: Coursework at University of Osnabruck

59-60 ECTS in Cross-Cultural Psychology courses including Cross-Cultural Business Psychology, Intercultural Competencies and Management, Cross-Cultural Social Psychology, and Culture and Development.

NB. Some of the Osnabrück modules are in German but slides, books, articles, assignments and exams are in English.


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