Communication Design

Course Information
  • Subject: Communications, Design
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/16

Course description

Communication Design is an English-taught track of the one-year Master's programme in Communication and Information Sciences.

One of the essential ways in which information is transferred and communicated is through text, whether verbal or written. Texts should inform or convince, depending on the communication objectives. Communication designers research different factors that can affect a text in order to create an effective communication tool. These factors can be characteristics of the text, such as style and structure, but also the conversation characteristics and the influence of non-verbal communication.

Furthermore, the context and purpose of a text and how readers process information also play a major role in communication. In the English-taught Master's specialization in Communication Design, you will research how communication processes work and how you can influence these processes effectively. You will learn to analyze texts and tailor them to different target groups and acquire knowledge about how to measure whether in practice a text has the desired effect.

Careers Prospects

After completing the Communication Design specialization, you will be able to conduct research on the transfer of information through text. Moreover, you will be capable of advising people about writing a clear, attractive and convincing text according to various communication objectives. You can embark on a career in different positions within profit or non-profit organizations, government agencies and related organizations or in the business world.

After graduating, you could also continue your career as an academic researcher in the broad field of communication.

This is a small selection of positions you may apply for after you have completed your programme:

  • Communication Design Manager
  • Communication Strategist
  • Advertising Design Strategist
  • Communication Design Engineer
  • Device User Experience Design Specialist
  • Design Researcher

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