Economics and Social Sciences

Course Information
  • Subject: Economics, Social Sciences
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: €12,000 2015/16

This programme is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary. It offers a thorough grounding in the field of economics and provides broad skills and solid foundations through a unique combination of quantitative methods and social sciences.

In particular, graduates develop the ability to interpret the economic and social processes that are typical of societies at all stages of development. These interdisciplinary capabilities are appreciated both by the job market and by PhD recruiters. Students have the opportunity to get in touch with top-level researchers and choose from a set of international experiences (exchange programmes and internships).

Career Prospects

Possible career opportunities are:

  • Professions with strong research content, such as positions within international organisations, public or private research centers, consulting firms, the economic press, and professional academic careers in the areas of economics, statistical analysis, economic history, social sciences and applied mathematics

  • New professional contexts in which economists are strongly required, such as regulatory authorities, central banking, non-profit organisations, innovative areas in public administration, such as diplomacy and international commerce

  • Applied statistician analysing sociodemographic trends on behalf of firms and corporations, and other economic or financial organisations

  • Company positions that require high-level analytical skills

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