Theology and Religious Studies (Research)

Course Information
  • Subject: Theology and Religious Studies
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/16

How can we interpret the influence of religion on local and global developments? What are the relationships between religion and other cultural systems such as science, philosophy and politics?

Course description

This Research Master's programme is a mix of a compulsory foundation and an individual route in which you can specialize further in terms of both content and methodology. In the core modules, you learn to define your own position as a junior researcher. We offer you an unique approach to the study of religion. Pluralism, for example, is an important characteristic of all our research. In the study of the three monotheistic religions, considerable attention is paid to alternative movements. We research how religion is embedded in culture. The global and diachronic perspective of our research is also represented. It is important to conduct research not only from Western and modern perspectives, but also from other cultural and historical ones.

The individual route comprises three elements: electives , research traineeships, and writing a thesis and a research proposal. The electives are designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge of specialized subjects, together with subject-specific skills and methodological knowledge. The final specialization occurs in the Research Master's thesis, which forms the basis of a PhD thesis proposal or an application for research funding.

Job perspectives

A degree in Theology and Religious Studies (research) provides a perfect background for:

  • admission to PhD programmes at national and international institutes and universities;
  • positions outside academia for which academic research skills are required;
  • positions as civil servant, advisor or policymaker with local and national government;
  • teaching positions.

Job examples

  • PhD position
  • Independent scholar
  • Secondary education teacher
  • Civil servant or policy advisor at national or local government
  • Position in publishing

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MA in Theology and Religous Studies (Research)

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