Course Information
  • Subject: Journalism, Media
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Are you passionate about news and do you want to report and analyse current affairs? Do you want to know why journalism is transforming so fast nowadays?

Course description

This programme trains students to become journalists with in-depth academic knowledge in the field of Journalism Studies. The intensive training offers a solid foundation in the skills that are needed to succeed in modern journalism, while theoretical Journalism Studies courses train students to reflect on the nature of journalism as a profession and stimulate critical thinking about the future of news reporting.

The English-taught master's programme in Journalism takes a year and a half and has a study load of 90 ECTS. In the first two semesters the student will take academic courses and practice journalism skills. During the third and last semester students work on their master's thesis. They also take a second research seminar or do an internship with a news organisation.

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MA in Journalism

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