Business Administration

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  • Subject: Business, Management
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Would you like to gain the knowledge and skills required to deal with complex problems in management? Then you should choose one of the specialisations of this degree.

Course description

In the Master's Degree in Business Administration you learn to deal with complex management issues. There are four tracks that all specialise in one particular area of business administration:

The programme is intended for students with an academic background in Business, Management, Finance or Marketing.

Each specialisation has high academic standards and is research oriented. Therefore, all your lecturers are researchers. You will work intensively in small groups. Occasionally, a guest lecturer from a company is invited to speak about their expert experiences in the world of business administration. All specialisations are internationally-orientated.

Job examples

Change Management: Graduates of Change Management are much in demand. They are flexible and can develop in many directions, for example through consultancy projects.

  • Some job examples are:
  • Management trainee,
  • Internal consultant,
  • Policy consultant,
  • Member of a project team in profit as well as non-profit organizations
  • You could also start work as a management trainee, internal consultant, policy consultant or member of a project team in profit as well as non-profit organizations.
  • A quarter of all graduates finds a job in consultancy

Organisational and Management Control: Graduates in Organisational and Management Control are qualified for various types of jobs may find jobs in national and international companies, non-profit organizations or government institutions. The programme provides you with a solid grounding in the field of financial management and information gathering and processing for decision-making purposes.

Some examples:

  • Assistant manager/management trainee, project manager, eventually leading to general manager
  • Financial officer, internal control officer or related controller positions, eventually leading to financial manager
  • Junior organization advisor in the field of quality management, financial management or change processes in organisations

Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Graduates may find employment in, for example, one of the following positions:

  • All-round SME manager, Independent entrepreneur
  • SME Consultant
  • Employee of a large organization selling services to SMEs (for example banks, accountancy offices, etc.,
  • Employee of a large organisation recruiting staff with an entrepreneurial attitude

Strategic Innovation Management: Career perspectives for graduates in Strategic Innovation Management are bright. As the programme focuses on a field which is of growing importance across industries internationally, you can choose between many different career paths. The programme is the ideal choice when you are interested in a career in strategic or innovation management, business development, or in consultancy.

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