Logistics Management

Course Information
  • Subject: Logistics, Management
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: Master
  • Cost: EUR 7,000 2016/17

One-year Master in Logistics Management with a strong practical focus

Logistics Management is a one-year Master's programme taught entirely in English at Rotterdam Business School, part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. It is aimed to transform the managerial and leadership skills of students in various fields: sourcing, planning, transportation, distribution, warehousing, inventory management, customer service and strategic leadership. During the 12-month Master's course, you will participate in classroom learning, company projects and self-led projects.

Why study Logistics Management at Rotterdam Business School?

Flexible curriculum

Education at Rotterdam Business School consists of core, specialisation and elective modules. This means as a postgraduate student you can design your own course to meet your professional development needs and career aspirations.

Core modules, also called general modules, of the Logistics Management programme are Critical Thinking and Research Methodology, International Project, Personal Development and Managing Corporate Sustainability. They all focus on management and research, providing a solid foundation for your Master's degree. In addition, you will also benefit from a series of guest lectures called "Global Business in Transition". Guest lectures are designed to create dialogues between Master students and successful professionals about timely issues in the business world.

Students of the Master's programme in Finance and Accounting can choose among the following specialisation modules:

  • Economics and Finance for Logistics Managers
  • Warehouse Management
  • Marketing/Sales and Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Leading and Managing Supply Chains
  • Current Trends in Supply Chain Management.

Develop strong analytical skills through research

In the final stage of your Master's degree you will complete a research project, which can revolve around a theoretical subject or be executed for an existing organisation.

Study support

Rotterdam Business School puts a strong emphasis on personal development. Students are encouraged to set their particular study goals and test these choices continually.

Each student is assigned a Study Career Coach at the start of the programme. This coach will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as giving you personal guidance throughout your studies.

Entry requirements

To enter the Logistics Management programme at Rotterdam Business School, you must have a Bachelor degree in Business or a related subject. You are also required to submit your CV, a motivation letter and a reference letter.

Career prospects

With a Master's degree in Logistics Management, you are qualified to take roles in the following fields:

  • controlling production planning and scheduling processes
  • managing and evaluating the supply chain and making effective use of relevant tools, principles and concepts and web opportunities such as e-business
  • making effective use of enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems while anticipating their impact on the manufacturing process and inventories
  • planning and forecasting while translating internal and external customer demands.

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