Course Information
  • Subject: Theology and Religious Studies, Humanities
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course Description:

The main emphasis in the three-year Master’s programme in Theology in Nijmegen is on research on Christian belief in contemporary society. The tension between universal truth claims within belief systems and the diverse cultural contexts in which they are expressed is the central focus of the programme.

Broad programme with a choice of profile
The programme is broad and in the first year you establish which aspects you wish to accentuate. In year one, you choose eight modules including at least one from the mandatory groups.  In the second year, you specialise further and select your profile. In the second year you choose six modules, at least three of which must belong to the group in which you will write your Master's Thesis. You can choose the same subjects as the ones you studied in the first year, because the content changes each year. In addition, you can choose a number of elective subjects. In the third year you can specialise on one subject.


The structure of the programme does differ slightly depending on your choice of specialisation. Please see the programme outlines of the specialisations for more details.

Career prospects

After obtaining the Master of Arts degree you are qualified to continue with a doctoral programme at various universities in the European Union or in other parts of the world. The Faculty of Theology at Nijmegen has some vacancies for junior researchers. Students who obtained a Master of Arts degree in Theology at Nijmegen are employed in various leadership positions in dioceses, religious congregations, universities and colleges. In a globalising world more and more institutions require skills in theological intercultural communication and hermeneutics.

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