Social and Cultural Science (Research)

Course Information
  • Subject: Social Sciences, Culture
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course Description

Why to choose the Social and Cultural Science research master?

You either have or soon expect to have an excellent University Bachelor degree in Sociology, Anthropology, Development Studies or another social science study. You are bright and you are fascinated by social and cultural issues. What should your next step be? One option would be to follow a one-year Master's programme and then go straight into practice. But you could also consider deepening your knowledge and research skills by joining our two-year research-based programme.

Our students study transformations within different types of societies: pre-industrial, industrialising, industrial and post-industrial. Their research focuses on social inequality, cohesion, and rationalisation in these societies. Formerly, these issues have been mainly studied within a single society. Now that more and more comparative research questions on societies are being raised in the academic world as well as in international policy-making organisations, it is of great scientific and societal importance that such questions are answered. The MSc in Nijmegen - using the research school's extensive social science databases - seeks to contribute to this goal.

The emphasis in this programme is on theory, methodology, and empirical research skills. You learn how to translate social problems into empirical research questions and learn which methods are most suitable to answer these questions. This may be quantitative or qualitative empirical research. The Nijmegen Institute of Social and Cultural Research (NISCO) has a rich data archive and it participates in several international surveys, such as the multi-country European Social Survey.

A recent evaluation by external experts rated our programme as one of the best in the Netherlands. The research carried out in our research institute NISCO has been assessed as "good to excellent". We ensure quality in the programme by limiting the number of participants to 15 and aim to attract ambitious students. You will follow specially designed training modules, be given your own workplace (equipped with a PC) and receive personal guidance and supervision.

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