Philosophy and Science

Course Information
  • Subject: Philosophy, Science
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Philosophy and science don't mix. Or do they? What we nowadays call "science" used to be part of "philosophy." It is not without reason that Isaac Newton called his physical masterpiece "The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy." And today, the two are still closely connected. Our current worldview is strongly shaped by scientific thought. We look to science for both answers to our theoretical questions and solutions to our practical problems. 

The Master's programme in Philosophy and Science analyses the relation of philosophy and science in terms of their historical development, as well as the current situation. How did the scientific worldview come about? What are its ingredients? What models for the relationship between philosophical and scientific thinking have been proposed?

This Master's specialisation will give you a better understanding of the evolution, the current status and the implications of the scientific worldview. Professionally, it prepares you for several possible avenues, including science administration, research, journalism, and policy-making.

Why study Philosophy and Science at Radboud University? 

  • Focusing on the historical and systematic relationship between philosophy and science is unique in the Netherlands.
  • The Philosophy faculty does not just have close ties with scientists and professors at the other faculties on campus; philosophy as a subject is an integral part of all the faculties at Radboud University. This makes it easier for our students to combine Philosophy with any discipline when working on their thesis.
  • Teaching takes place in a stimulating, collegial setting with small groups.
  • The seminars specifically train skills such as critical reading, analytical thinking, policy writing and debating.
  • This Master's specialisation is run by the Center for the History of Philosophy and Science (CHSP), the only centre in the world that studies philosophy and science as historically intertwined phenomena.
  • This Master's specialisation is aimed at career prospects in, as well outside of, research.

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