Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (Research)

Course Information
  • Subject: History, Culture
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MA
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/16

Course description

Whether it is the history of Europe, the development of modern European literature or the art of Rome that fascinates you, the Research Master's specialisations are an excellent choice for talented students who want to prepare themselves for an international academic career. Indeed, the diversity of our teaching and research staff will allow you to specialise in almost any subject, and the space we offer within the Master's specialisations for research and studies at home and abroad allows you to put together a training programme that perfectly meets your wishes.


Within the Master's programme in Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies, you can choose from the following English-taught specialisations:

Guidance from top researchers

The Research Institute for Historical Literary and Cultural Studies (HLCS) in Nijmegen greatly values the close interaction between students and top researchers. At the start of the first year, you will choose a tutor who will personally guide your development as a specialist in your field. Your tutor will help you apply for international funding to support research trips and the attendance of conferences, as well as guide the preparation of your PhD proposal, which is an integral part of the course programme. Moreover, the HLCS institute encourages its students to publish results of their thesis in respected academic periodicals as a further stepping stone for their careers.

Career Prospects

Historical Studies

This programme is intended to prepare its students for an academic career, in first instance as a PhD researcher in the Netherlands or abroad, in various research institutes and university history departments.

Literary Studies

The published article written during your studies, along with the combination of interdisciplinary and disciplinary training will be an excellent stepping stone towards an international scientific career.

Art and Visual Culture

Our students go on to become PhD candidates or researchers at institutes for art history and cultural heritage or for example are working in cultural management or as editors of art historical or cultural periodicals, and as curators in museums.

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