Course Information
  • Subject: Economics
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course Description

The Master of Science in Economics at Radboud University Nijmegen offers you more than just a Master's degree in Economics; it is a study which could be called ‘Economics Plus'. Due to our excellent research reputation at home and abroad, we can guarantee that you will be participating in a state-of-the-art programme.


You will take courses that make up the field of specialisation that you have chosen:

More than Economics

You will be exposed to all of the most recent academic and practical developments in the fields of Accounting and Control, Financial Economics and International Economics. Moreover, in addition to the standard economics package, we try to shift your knowledge frontier. Our programmes cover contemporary issues in economics and business. You will subsequently acquire in-depth knowledge that can be applied in today’s globalised business world, but the main advantage of the Nijmegen programme in Economics is its strong methodological orientation.

Societal Relevance

Scientific and societal relevance support one another. For instance, if you decide to address contemporary issues in Economics, either from an accounting point of view, or from a financial or international perspective, it is crucial to evaluate these societal developments by reflecting on your academic background. The Nijmegen programme in Economics increases your incentive to understand, evaluate and improve economic decision making, an inquisitiveness which will come in handy later during your professional career.

Career prospects

The main employers of our graduates are central banks, ministries, (investment) banks, international agencies, consulting firms, pension funds, and accounting firms.

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