International Service Management

Course Information
  • Subject: Management, Business
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: Master
  • Cost: €10.650 2014/15

Increase your academic and professional knowledge of Service Management. Specialise during the programme by choosing a field.

A hallmark of the programme is the international character of services, in which cultural differences concerning providing service and quality of life play an important role.

The Master programme of International Service Management is designed to help organisations meet business challenges. It takes an integrated approach to service management, including marketing and communication, human resource management, quality management and the financial and technological aspects of service management.

The programme takes a broad perspective on service delivery, including aspects of sustainability, intercultural communication and leadership skills.


Job Opportunities

The service industry offers a variety of sectors: from hospitality, retail  and financial services to (para)medical institutions and public organisations. Master's programme of International Service Management prepares future graduates for a broad range of career opportunities. Our graduates perform successfully as:

  • Management Consultant for service organisation;
  • Quality Manager;
  • Lecturer and trainer;
  • Marketing Consultant

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